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内容摘要:A basic introduction to No. 2 Middle School of Liaocheng,ShandongNo. 2Middle School of Liaocheng, Shandong was founded in 1951 and is a full...

A basic introduction

to No. 2 Middle School of Liaocheng, Shandong

No. 2 Middle School of Liaocheng, Shandong was founded in 1951 and is a full-time ordinary high school run by the state government. It is a provincial standard and high quality school with the most outstanding level , the most perfect facilities, the largest scale and the most promising.

No. 2 Middle School of Liaocheng has a favorable geographical location with Tuhai River Scenic Area in its west. It is connected to the economic and technological development zone in the east. In the north is the Yellow River Road, which leads directly to the center of the city. It faces Liaocheng University across the Changjiang Road in the south. It is far from the bustle, but enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The school covers an area of 206 acres and the construction area is more than 110,000 square meters.It has complete facilities, including 140 fully functional multimedia classrooms, apartment buildings for more than 7,000 students, two dining halls for more than 7000 students dining simultaneously, a modern auditorium with more than 1,700 seats and high-tech experimental buildings. Moreover, the plastic playground   covers an area of 21,000 square meters, classified stadium has 4,000 square meters and gymnasium covers an area of 3,650 square meters.

Now, No. 2 Middle School of Liaocheng has its own campus, Tangyi campus and Wenyuan Middle school. Tangyi campus was originally called Tangyi Middle School, belonging to a public junior high school. Approved by the district government and education authorities, Tangyi School was integtrated into NO.2 Middle School of Liaocheng in 2015. Wenyuan Middle School is run by the local people but subsidized by the state. And now it is capable of self-financing and has healthy development.

There are 96 classes and more than 4,800 students in No. 2 Middle School, 12 classes and 500 students in Tangyi campus, 66 junior   classes and 40 senior classes in Wenyuan Middle School. In total, there are more than 5,300 students in our school. We have 424 personnel on payroll, including 2 special-grade teachers, 5 famous teachers of Water City, 18 famous teachers of Dongchangfu District, 98 senior teachers,  133 first-grade teachers, and 116 teachers who have won national, provincial and municipal honorary titles. In Tangyi campus there are 122 personnel on payroll and 269 appointed teachers in Wenyuan Middle School.

The school has outstanding results in running schools, and has successively transferred 533 masters, doctors, and postdoctoral researchers to the country. In the 2017 National College Entrance Examination, 1,262 students were admitted to undergraduate universities, ranking fourth among the high schools in the city. So the 2017 Teaching Conference of Liaocheng City was held in our school because of the great progress that we have made.

The school’s biggest school-running feature is its special education based on multiple intelligence theory. According to each student’s career plan, we select different cultivating paths for each student, and pay much attention to their personality development and specialty cultivation. We have some leading professional classrooms of music, art and dance, a modern stage of performance, a high-standard plastic playground, sports equipment, and advanced pilot training equipment. All of these are good   for the students in promoting their comprehensive literacy and also good for training specialty students and pilots.

The faculty of our school is a strong team with rational structure and high teaching level. We have made prominent achievements in scientific research, and have excellently completed a dozen projects of national level, provincial level and municipal level. Learning from the teaching experience of the elite schools in Shijiazhuang and Hengshui, etc, we have made reformation and innovation on the teaching model of “Preparing lessons in Three Aspects and Researching in Two Aspects” and “Six Plus One” and have formed a new teaching model with our own characteristics. Scores of middle-aged and young teachers have rapidly grown up, which provides powerful faculty guarantee for growing-up, talent-becoming, success-making of our students and the long-term development of our school.

   No.2 Middle School of Liaocheng has made brilliant achievements in educating and teaching with distinctive characteristics. It ranks top in Comprehensive Assessment on Senior-high School organized by Liaocheng Education Bureau. Our school was successively awarded “Advanced Unit of Experiment-teaching in Liaocheng High Schools”, “Advanced Collective of Moral-education of Liaocheng”, “Liaocheng Superior Entity in Goal-management”, “Top Ten Units of Ethics Construction in Liaocheng”, “Model School in Top-teacher Project in Liaocheng”, “Advanced Entity in Teaching-reformation of Senior-high-school”, “Model School in Managing-school-by-law of Shandong Province”, “Model School in Art Education of Shandong Province”, “Advanced Entity in Work for Adolescents of Shandong Province”, “Superior Entity in Pilot-recruiting of Shandong Province”, “Normalized School of Shandong Province”, “Model School in Teaching of Shandong Province”, “National Top 100 in Educational and Scientific Research”, “National Experimental School for New-classroom Teaching”, “National Top-one-hundred Model School for Elementary Education”, “National Model School for Innovation in Educating and Teaching”, and other honorary titles.

Under the leadership of the district government, we have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Basic Education of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Middle School Attached to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kuangao Education Group(Beijing) in 2017. No. 2 Middle School and Wenyuan Middle School will soon become experimental schools of Institute of Basic Education of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2018, we will jointly build a new campus that integrates preschool education, primary education and junior high school education .The long-term goal of No. 2 Middle School is to turn it into educational complexes with public education as the leader and multiple school systems co-existing. We are looking forward to complementing each other and sharing resources each other.


Address:  No. 15, Chenkou Road, liaocheng, Shandong

Principal:  Lu Zongan

No. 2 Middle School of Liaocheng, Shandong

Jan, 21st, 2018







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